Users completely master the system with one 5 second demonstration. Nothing to read, no numbers or buttons. Human-centered design allows users of various levels of ability to use the device effectively. The patented deactivation method self-verifies correct medications were accessed.

Clinical Trials

Works stand alone or with web-enabled data collecting, monitoring, and safety features. The highly flexibile wearable system adapts to different kinds of medications, treatments, and tests. Integrates across adherence, EHR, and pharmacy software platforms.

Direct to Consumer

The devices can be designed or selected to the wearer’s tastes. Jewelry designs, sports team logos, military insignias, photos, etc. The designs enhance personal attachment and encourage user engagement. Characters for children and gamification capabilities.

Let us introduce ourselves

Our People

At Amrayco we strive to create a positive, healthy, and productive team culture. Amrayco is currently building a team to meet and exceed the challenges of leading the medication adherence device market.

Mission Statement

Our Focus

Is meeting medication users where they are by developing real-world solutions that overcome their barriers and challenges to adherence.