The Premier Tool for

Clinical Trials

Smart Adherence Monitoring Tools allow researchers to build or
integrate into existing adherence platforms. Wearable technology augments health and compliance data streams.

Medications, Treatments, and Tests

Medication users face challenges remembering various kinds of medications.  Nebulizers, creams, eyedrops, and other delivery systems that other adherence devices cannot accomodate, CertAlert does them all, in any combination.

Software Platforms

CertAlert Wearables can anchor Telehealth, Adherence, Monitoring, Pharmacy, and Clinical Trial software platforms. As a wearable it will provide even more user data than dispensers, bottle cap systems, or other hardware devices currently being used.

Data Collection

A wearable device that can be widely adopted by people with chronic conditions could revolutionize medicine. The data streams that could potentially be collected would be activity levels, sleep cycles, temperature, heart rate, breathing.

Research and Development

Optimize Drug Development Using Informed Clinical Trials.

Improved adherence for clinical trials reduces the number of trial participants and the time it takes to recruit them. Non-adherence in trials leads to underestimated drug efficacy.

The Power of Data


Every entity in the healthcare eco-system has a stake in medication adherence. Accurate data provides decision makers critical information needed to formulate and implement strategies for growth.