CertAlert Medication Adherence Wearable



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Industry Disrupted

An unrivaled solution for medication adherence.

From usability to data collection, this device is out pacing it’s competitors by leaps and bounds. Side by side comparisons expose the weaknesses of medication adherence devices currently available.

Prevents Medication Mix-ups

CertAlert’s Color Coded System

Eliminate the need to read labels by placing different colored stickers on medication containers. CertAlert tells the user which color bottle to open.

User Adaptability

CertAlert wearables are designed to be worn perpetually while medications are needed. Lightweight, durable, and water-resistant, they can adapt to any lifestyle or environment. CertAlert’s simple functions and the option to wear the device discreetly or display different styles have universal appeal.

User Protection

Real-time notifications to providers if a dose is missed, fall detector, GPS location, and a vocal stress monitor can lead to life-saving interventions.

Adolescents have special challenges with adherence, can CertAlert provide a solution?

The Solution for

Medication Reconciliation

When a patient’s regimen changes, limited infrastructure exists to coordinate and communicate the change. This process is known as  Medication Reconciliation. CertAlert’s bluetooth and web-enabled conectivity allow doctors to remotely change the medications and dosage intervals and simultanelously communicate the change across the telehealth platform.