Wearable Technology

Beautiful, Expressive, and Highly Functional

A beautiful jewelry design, a photo of a grandchild, favorite singer, sports team, or even children’s cartoon hero will appeal to many medication users. User input in selecting the look of their wearable creates the “Ikea effect” leading to long-term product adoption.

Online Store

Accesories and Gamefication

Users can purchase clip-on shells, lanyards, pill boxes, and other accessories to change the look of their wearable. A gaming and rewards platform for attaining medication adherence goals will engage gamers and younger users.

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The Ikea Effect

CertAlert users can choose what their device will look and sound like. They can choose voice prompts, ringtones, or discreet vibration notifications. They choose the color, style, logo, photo, and features. Because the user can design their own wearable, there is the opportunity for the Ikea Effect.

What is the Ikea Effect? Why are so many Ikea customers so satisfied with their products? Harvard Business School created the term and did a deep dive into consumer product valuation.

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Gamefication of Adherence Devices

CertAlert wearables are human-design centered devices that use our psychology and technology to our own advantage. Using games and incentivizing improved adherence to amplify user engagement is an emerging new technique to “make the hard stuff fun.”

Limitless Designs

Personal Choices

A photo of a loved one is a constant reminder of why adherence and recovery is so important. A personal connection makes CertAlert more than an adherence device.